My passion is to help others feel healthy and vibrant in their daily lives. My mission is meet each patient exactly where they are and to provide a way to better health and understanding of themselves. As a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, I want to work together to help find your best path to healing.


I received my Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine from AOMA School of Integrative Medicine, in my hometown of Austin, TX. During my four years of coursework, I received over 3,000 hours of education, and pursued specialized training in cosmetic acupuncture, Japanese meridian therapy, cupping therapy, and specialized herbal and pulse diagnosis techniques for treating emotional and sleep disorders.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is more than a practice to me as I found my passion for this medicine after a lifetime of anxiety and depression that started in my childhood. As I grew into adulthood I felt lost, as I was plagued by PMS, headaches, body pains, and unable to find relief. Over the years, I was passed along from doctor to doctor and only found minimal relief that came with multiple side effects. I turned to acupuncture as a last ditch effort and it forever changed my life. I soon realized that my previous path of hopelessness could end, and through the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, that a fulfilling life was completely possible. I look forward to helping you find fulfillment and your path to healing.

- Anna Sloan, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.



Anna is the quintessential professional , whose care for her clients wellness and well-being is equal to her incredible depth of knowledge and understanding of Chinese Medicine and practices. She is an incredible listener and gains a full and complete understanding of what is needed and determines the desired end state before she starts to ply her incredible skills with the various techniques that she masterfully utilizes. What an amazing eye opening experience it has been for me going through her treatment process. My only regret is not starting this procedure long ago. 


—  DR



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